Forklift Pull & Release Lever for Forks

Mamboss has created a new state of the art way to release and attach a fork to a forklift. The new pull and release lever that they have created will make life much easier for forklift mechanics and drivers alike. With the pull and release lever that can be easily installed in any existing forklift, it takes only one person to attach and detach a fork from a forklift. To check out exactly how its attached to a forklift you can visit Its as simple as lining up the forklift and fork, and easily pulling on a lever to attach the fork to the forklift. When you need to unload the fork from the forklift, it is as simple as driving the forklift to where you want the fork to stored, and pull the lever, and off it comes. In the olden days it was much more difficult to simply take off a forklift and reattach a new one. It was usually a two man job, made difficult by the weight of these heavy material handling equipment.

Now the forklift does all the work!! Simply drive up to a forklift, line up the attachment with the fork, and pull the attachment lever. No more lifting heavy equipment, no more wasted time on the warehouse floor, no more waiting for another worker to help you, with the Mamboss forklift pull and release lever, it has never been easier to attach and detach a fork. Mamboss has been working on the patent for this new attachment lever for 4 years, and after many attempts to perfect this great upgrade in forklifts, it was patented approved. Our product will be hitting material handling stores next spring, so please ask your local forklift dealer about our great product when you get a chance.